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Monthly Special Offers

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Monthly Special Offers

February is the month of renewal at EverDerm! The prices of our services and our package deals have changed this month. However, we haven’t forgotten about our exclusive offers! Join us on the journey of renewal!

Laser Hair Removal

Say goodbye to unwanted hair one by one!

This month, we have a truly special offer for you! The three most popular areas our clients choose for laser hair removal are the lower legs, intimate areas and underarms. However, we understand that not everyone needs the same number of treatments in these areas. That’s why we’ve put together a unique pricing offer that allows you to flexibly combine the number of treatments for these body parts, all at an exceptionally favorable price!


Prices for 1 session:

Lower legs: 25,000 HUF

Full brazilian: 20,000 HUF

Underarms: 10,000 HUF


You can add as many sessions to your cart as you need for each body part. Let’s look at an example:

On average, a woman needs 8 sessions for the lower legs, 10 for the underarms, and 12 for the intimate areas to achieve the desired results. You can now purchase this complete series of treatments for all three body parts for a total of 540,000 HUF, which offers an exceptionally large discount compared to even the price of the Limitless Smart package – which allows you to use the full treatment for three body parts!


RF Microneedling

The era of microneedling treatments is far from over!

RF microneedling facial treatment is medically proven to be the most effective skin structure improving procedure on the market:

  • it boosts the production of collagen and elastic fibers,
  • improves skin metabolism,
  • enhances blood circulation,
  • and aids in skin regeneration.


If you’re familiar with and/or love the Vivace treatment, then you’ll be ecstatic about the Jeisys INTRAcel PRO microneedling procedure! Trust in the technology awarded by the Aesthetic Industry Awards and, of course, the expertise of our beauty specialists!



1 session – 1 area: 80,000 HUF

3 sessions – 1 area OR 1 session – 3 areas: 140,000 HUF



Non-surgical eyelid lift and immediate wrinkle smoothing

The PLASMAGE treatment is a perfect alternative for eyelid surgery in cases of 1-2 millimeters of sagging. Although this treatment also requires a recovery period, it is shorter compared to traditional eyelid surgery. Moreover, this procedure is excellent for eliminating wrinkles and folds on various parts of the face and neck! If you are afraid of the scalpel and the sagging on your eyelids is not too severe, or if you want to get rid of the wrinkles on your neck, then PLASMAGE is the treatment for you!


The March offer provides a one-time treatment for one of the following selectable body parts*:

  • lower eyelid
  • upper eyelid
  • crow’s feet
  • perioral area (along the mustache line)
  • partial neck area (treatment of wrinkles only)


Price: 45,000 HUF (1 session)


*You can add the product to your cart multiple times, so if you want to treat both your lower and upper eyelids, you can purchase two sessions, one for each desired area.


HydraFacial Synergy Glow

An offer like never before!

The HydraFacial MD facial treatment protocol utilizes high-quality acids and active ingredient complexes that not only enhance the effectiveness of the treatment but also its cost. However, we are now offering an unparalleled opportunity for you to avail of our elite treatment combination at a discounted price, which combines the power of HydraFacial MD and Beauty Glow Smart. The skin rejuvenation effect of the procedure is immediately noticeable thanks to the unique combination of active ingredients. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, experience the luxury pampering of HydraFacial for yourself!


Price: 85,000 HUF (1 session)


Beauty Expert Therapy

Wrinkle reduction and deep hydration at the same time!

The combination of the Exilis wrinkle reduction procedure and Intraceuticals oxygen therapy is already popular among the clinic’s VIP guests due to its time efficiency and noticeable results. This is why Slamovits-Horváth Beáta decided to include this treatment combination in EverDerm’s facial treatment repertoire.


The 2 in 1 – wrinkle reduction and deep hydration treatment combination is available at an introductory price in March! For long-term results, it is recommended to use this procedure monthly, so it might be worth considering booking sessions for up to 3 months in advance.



1 session: 65,000 HUF

3 sessions: 180,000 HUF


Beauty Expert Therapy

A new level of deep hydration!

Ejal40 is a biorevitalization skin booster, i.e., an aesthetic deep hydration product, that promotes cell activity, hydration, and the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in the skin using various molecular weights of hyaluronic acids. The treatment effectively eliminates fine lines, hydrates the skin, improves facial contour, and renews the skin’s structure. It also beautifully restores sun-damaged and dehydrated skin. Moreover, the main advantage of Ejal40 is that it achieves remarkable results with few injections and minimal discomfort.


Consider the deep health of your skin before summer, so you can show off your youthfully radiant face in the sunshine!

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